{Fiction Review} The Other Side Of The Pillow by: Zane

The Other Side Of The PillowThe Other Side of the Pillow by-Zane
by: Zane
Atria Books
ISBN 978-0-7404-9931-6
Rating: 4 stars

Move over Dr. Phil; Iyanla, Fix My Life; and Steve Harvey. There is a new love doctor in town and she goes by the one word name Zane. After being away from the literary scene for 4 years, she is back and she is not taking any prisoners.

The Other Side of the Pillow tells the tale of Jemistry Daniels a woman who has been through hell in her relationships, and she is left feeling bitter and doesn’t want anything to do with men. Unless it involves sex only. One night that all changes when she decides to do a reading of her poem, about being left bitter from some relationships. Little do she know there is a wonderful man in the audience by the name of Dr. Tevin Harris. Who will change all of those feeling and in the famous words of Tamia ‘Put A Move On Jemistry’s Heart.’

Once again Zane has crafted another brilliant story, that will capture your mind and heart. I laughed, cried, cussed, had a full on conversation with myself on my morning commute to the office. This novel will stick with you for sometime after reading it. The characters are just that rich.~Cleavester

P.S. Zane’s letter to us in the back of the book will have you testifying like you are in church. I sense a real non-fiction relationship book is on the way.


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