{Book Attraction} Southern Comfort by:Skyy

Southern Comfort by-SkyyFrom a highly-praised author whose fiction blurs the lines between lesbian and straight communities by speaking with intimate familiarity about loving and living as African American women comes a fast-paced story which explores the relationships and friendships.

British girl Willow finally has the freedom she’s been craving. Now in American on a student visa, the only thing she cares about learning is how to win the heart of Katrina, the university’s most unobtainable track star. On the advice of her know-it-all roommate, she learns the only way to get close to Katrina is by gaining access into her very tight group of friends. She quickly learns these women are more than good friends; they are more like family, a type of friendship Willow has never experienced before.

Loving Katrina is her goal, but Willow finds herself forging true bonds with Katrina’s friends as well. Devon is the sweetheart from a political family who holds more than a few secrets of her own. Erica, a soldier recently returned home, is trying to live in a world without her ex-girlfriend, Kai, who is hell bent on winning her back. Larissa is the straight girl who might speak her mind in public, but can’t seem to stand up to her overbearing husband and the mother-in-law from hell.

Willow soon learns that this group of friends is a lot more than just people to hang out with. This group is so close that nothing can break them apart. Or can it? When faced with extreme tests that would rock anyone to the core, will this group survive, or will there be some major causalities?

Release: 2/24/15

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