2015 AMB Ovation Awards (The Angie) WinnersLast night The 2015 AMB Ovation Awards b.k.a. The Angie Winners were announced. Congrats to all of the winners and nominees.

  • Book Club of the Year 2015
    SistahFriend Book Club (Columbia, SC, Atlanta, GA, & Virtual)
    Mocha Girls Read (Inglewood-Los Angeles)
    Phenomenal Women Book Club (New Orleans, LA)
    The Romance Noire Book Club (Virtual)
  • Outstanding Author in African-American Romance 2015
    Vanessa Miller; How Sweet the Sound (How Sweet the Sound Series #1)
    Regina Hart; Harmony Cabins (Finding Home)
    Nia Forrester; Afterburn
    Altonya Washington; Layers of the Past
    Shelly Ellis; Another Woman’s Man (A Gibbons Gold Digger Novel)
  • Outstanding Author in Interracial Romance 2015
    Nia Forrester; Lifted (Book Three of the Secret Series)
    Sharon C. Cooper; All You’ll Ever Need (Jenkins Family Series Vol. 2)
    Tressie Lockwood; Suddenly Blue
    Aliyah Burke; With This Ring (Denim & Spurs, Book 1)
    Stacy Deanne; Worth The Risk
  • Outstanding Author in Multicultural Romance 2015
    Hayden Ash; A Miracle of Love
    Latrivia S. Nelson; Vasily’s Revenge: The Complete Story (The Medlov Men, Book I)
    Delaney Diamond; Unforgettable (Johnson Family, Vol. 1)
    Rachelle Ayala; Knowing Vera (Chance for Love, Book 3)
    K.M. Jackson; Bounce
  • Outstanding Author in New Adult Literature 2015
    Victoria H. Smith; Found By You
    Shane Morgan; Impossibly True
    Scarlett Jade and Llerxt; September Tango
    Ambrielle Kirk; Taken By Temptation (Rugged Riders, Book 2)
    Crystal Perkins; Creating A Love (The Griffin Brothers, Book 3)
  • Outstanding Author in Paranormal Romance 2015
    Yvette Hines; Haulcon’s Revenge
    A.C. Arthur; Shifter’s Claim (The Shadow Shifters)
    Lexi Johnson; Birds and Prey (Elven Claim Series, Book 2)
    Sydney Addae; BirthSign (La Patron, The Alpha’s Alpha, Book 6)
    Kassanna; Lucky’s Charm (Through the Veil, Book 1)
  • Outstanding Author in Urban Literature 2015
    T. Styles; Goon (The Cartel Publications Presents)
    Cole Hart; The Plug 2
    Joy Deja King w/Chris Booker; Drake II
    Rumont Tekay; Venom in My Veinz (Wahida Clark Presents)
  • Outstanding Author in LGBT Literature 2015
    Jaxon Grant; Incidental Contact
    Phenomenon; A Lesbian in God’s House
    Mike Warren; Timing Is Everything (A Private Affair, Book 4)
    J’son Lee; One Family’s AIDS
    A.J. Thomas; Holding Out for a Fairy Tale
  • Visionary Award 2015
    Delaney Diamond
  • 2015 Academy of AA/IR/Multicultural Fellows
    Keith Walker Thomas
    Beverly Jenkins
    Ambrielle Kirk
    Angie Daniels
  • Outstanding Debut Author in African-American Romance 2015
    Bella Calhoune; Until You Loved Me (Seven Brides, Seven Brothers, Book 3)
    Khara Campbell; Not My Will
    Quanie Miller; It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy
    Brenda Barrett; Tangled Chords (New Song Series, Book 3)
  • Outstanding Debut Author in Interracial Romance 2015
    Tamara Philip; The Trouble with Playing Cupid
    K. Alex Walker; The Game of Love
    Roxy Wilson; Work It Out
    Phoenix Daniels; Beautiful Prey (The Storm Series)
  • Outstanding Debut Author in Multicultural Romance 2015
    Sage Young; Choices We Make (The Moretti Brothers Series, Vol. 1)
    Kennedy Ryan; Loving You Always (The Bennett Series, Book 2)
    Alix Nichols; What If It’s Love? (Bistro La Bohème, Vol 2)
    Anja Pruitt; When Love Calls
  • Outstanding Debut Author in New Adult Literature 2015
    K.R. Raye; The Color of Love (Book 2)
    S.J. Pajonas; Reunited (The Nogiku Series, Vol. 3)
    Rose Francis; A Tangled Web (Dangerous Secrets, Book 1 – Anniversary Ed.)
    Celeste Davis; The Key (HeartFire Series)
  • Outstanding Debut Author in Paranormal Romance 2015
    Susannah Scott; Stop Dragon My Heart Around (Las Vegas Dragon Series, Book 2)
    Chudney Thomas; Full Circle (Central Florida Pack)
    Tia Archer; The White Blood Trilogy
    Laurel Cremant; The Golden Pack Alphas: The Complete Series
  • Outstanding Debut Author in Urban Literature 2015
    Shakeim Edmonds; Blurred Lines
    Darnisha King; Is Love Enough?
    Dion E. Cheese; Explain It to Her Momma
    Leiann B. Wrytes; Virtuous Deception (N’Tyse Enterprises Presents)
  • Outstanding Debut Author in LGBT Literature 2015
    Anthony K. Robinson; He Was My Husband Too
    Cheryl Jimmerson; Possessing Gladys
    Kionne Nicole; The Space Our Love Demands
    Armani Williams; Harlem Boyz