The Pecking Order Principles by T.D. Jakes#1 New York Times bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes helps readers achieve their God-given aspirations by setting priorities, determining what deserves their focus, and learning what to ignore.

The term “pecking order” means structure, hierarchy, and organization. Now, T.D. Jakes helps readers break through disorganization and distraction in their lives to restructure their priorities–their own inner pecking order–and rise to the highest levels of the pecking orders in the worlds to which they aspire.

Entertaining yet heart-hitting, THE PECKING ORDER PRINCIPLES shows readers how to win the fight of faith by setting and maintaining priorities, despite challenging family, social and financial circumstances. In his signature, laugh-out-loud-while-you-deeply-examine-yourself style, Jakes brings this powerful message to readers: Achieve your God-given aspirations when you set priorities, concentrate on who and what deserves you, and let the rest go!

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