{Excerpt} Jersey Lovers by:Armani Williams

Jersey Lovers by-Armani WilliamsChapter 5
Dr. & Mrs. Kerrington

“You have the audacity to question anything I do when the life I provide
for you is fabulous. I have kept your gold digging ass happy, haven’t I? You
wear the best clothes and shoes my money can buy you. Between those
earrings and bracelet you’re wearing tonight, you have on $750,000 worth
of jewelry. You didn’t look up from spending all my fucking money every
day of your privileged ass life to ask me how I’m doing. ‘How was your day,
John? How is work, John? Can I do anything for you today since you’ve been
working so hard?’ No! Never! How hard is it to be a wife to your husband?

So don’t you dare sit there waving your damn finger at me!”

“I have tried to be, but you’re always into some other woman!”

“When have you tried to be there for me? Before or after you’ve maxed
out my damn credit cards shopping at Barneys and Saks?”

“You act like I shop every day.”

“Oh, you don’t?” He walked into their massive closet. In a frenzy, he
pulled out shoe boxes and clothes on department store hangers.

“What the fuck is all of this, huh? Bloomingdales? Nordstrom? This dress
cost twelve thousand dollars! Why do you need a dress that costs twelve
grand?” he yelled, holding up a dress with a price tag on it.

“That’s custom.”

“Oh, so that makes it necessary? What the fuck is it doing flying
your ass wherever you have to go like a 747? And what are all these
got-damn shoes? Manolos, Alexander McQueen, and how many fucking
pairs of these got damn red bottoms do you need?!” He snatched
down several pairs.

“Oh, well, why don’t we see what you’ve got in your closet!” She
marched to his side. “Oh, Armani suits? Brioni? And I see three R.
Jewel suits made with real diamonds! And, oh look, what have we here?
Red bottoms! For men!” she yelled as she hurled them at him, and he
ducked just in time.

“So what! I can buy what I want! I make the fucking money around
here, don’t I?”


“Exactly. So you don’t get to ask me anything. You keep shopping and
spending up all my damn money. And I will fuck however many women
I want. If you don’t like it, feel free to leave. But you will leave here with
what you came with. Your ugly ass body and your dead grandmother’s cheap
ass diamond earrings. Now clean up this fucking closet.” He walked out
and slammed the door shut.

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