{Between The Lines} Carl Weber Debuts New Series ‘Kingpins’

Carl Weber's Kingpins

This Fall New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber brings together eight of the best Urban Street writers to participate in one of the most anticipated series of 2015, the Kingpins series. Every city has an underworld leader. In the Kingpins series, each author will take us to a different city and introduce us to a new Kingpin who rules the streets in their respective city. Then after every author has written about their select city, Carl will end with a compilation of all kingpins in one book.

In September, bestselling author Nikki Turner will start the series off in Miami. In November, Treasure Hernandez  will introduce us to the Dirty South (Atlanta). Then Brittani Williams will take us to Philly in December.

One response to “{Between The Lines} Carl Weber Debuts New Series ‘Kingpins’”

  1. Is it going to be part 2 to the series?

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