{Book Attraction} Daily Inspirations for a Commander in Chic by:Mikki Taylor

Veteran beauty editor and trusted lifestyle expert Mikki Taylor shares 365 days’ worth of uplifting advice for womenMikki Taylor who want to cultivate their beauty both inside and out.

A cross between a personal diary and a “What would Mikki do?” guide for beauty and life advice, Daily Inspirations for a Commander in Chic offers a daily dose of essential wisdom and tips for the modern woman. Micki tells you all you need to know to take ownership of your life by developing your own unique, vibrant style and tending to your spiritual and mental wellness.

From dress code to life code, Mikki shares hundreds of her favorite secrets, including: healthy alternatives to processed foods; the five products you need to brighten your complexion; wardrobe must-haves on any budget; unexpected accessories that give your everyday look a wake-up call; rules for mastering eye-catching makeup and the perfect red lips; ruminations on the eternal brilliance of a nude high heel; and much more. Whether you’re standing in front of the mirror debating what to wear to a last-minute event or trying to hold your peace in the middle of a confrontation, Daily Inspirations gives you the tools to be affirmed, informed, and inspired in all aspects of life.

Mikki is that girlfriend-in-the-know who you wish you could take everywhere you go—and now you can! Written in her signature, no-nonsense style, Daily Inspirations for a Commander in Chic delivers fabulous advice that will give you the confidence to be your best self, 365 days a year.
Release: 11/3/15
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