{Book Attraction} No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Family Business Novel by:Carl Weber, Stephanie Covington

Carl WeberRipped from the pages of his New York Times bestselling novel To Paris with Love, Carl Weber brings you No More Mr. Nice Guy, the story of Niles Monroe, the super-bad hitman who will one day become Paris Duncan’s one true love.

Niles has just returned from eight years of serving his country as a Special Forces sniper. He’s looking forward to a consulting job with defense contractor General Dynamics and spending time with his family, including his bi-polar mother, Lorna, and his hard-drinking uncle, Willie. What Niles doesn’t know is that General Dynamics is actually a front for a CIA-run hit squad. He’s not interested in joining them, but they won’t take no for an answer.

Bridget St. John is one of the most beautiful women Niles has ever met, and she is also the most deadly. It is her job to recruit Niles to the General Dynamics team by any means necessary. When Niles is arrested for a murder he does not commit, Bridget makes him an offer he can’t refuse: working for General Dynamics in exchange for his freedom.

With Niles on board, Bridget begins to train him in ways he never imagined. Sometimes, however, the student becomes the teacher. Before she realizes what’s happening, Bridget falls in love. Distracted by her feelings, Bridget becomes careless and is kidnapped by Majestic, a gangbanger who believes that Niles killed his little brother. Can Niles save Bridget before it’s too late?
Release: 1/26/16
Click here to Purchase.


  1. Dear Mr. Weber, The Heritage House in Sag Harbor, NY located in Eastville, would be very interested in a book discussion from you, whenever you are visiting in Sag Harbor and have some time. Thank you for your consideration.

    Audrey Gaines, President

  2. Carl Weber
    I have read a few of your novels and really like your style. I am also a writer and narrator. I would absolutely love to bump heads, or calaborate with you on a project or two.
    Author DeAnn DeVille

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