{BPT Recommends} Wouldn’t Change A Thing by: Stacy Campbell

Wouldn't Change a Thing by Stacy CampbellStacy you have written a masterpiece and in the famous words of Oprah “you my dear are a writer.” Never have I read a book about a mentally challenged person and been so entertained & engrossed from being to end.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing tells the story of Antoinette “Toni” Williams who is a successful architect in Atlanta, Georgia. Toni is engaged to be married to her boyfriend Lamonte Dunlap, Jr. of five years, until a story is released in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about her mental mother Greta. It seems like all of the lies that she told over the years begins to catch up with her, which causes her to lose just about everything; her finance, some friends/business associates. After going through all she has gone through in the course of a day; this leads her back to her home town of Sparta, Ga. Which gives her a chance to begin again and get in touch with family, old friends and her mother.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing tells the tale of family, illness, deception, and love. It reminded me of my upbringing in Savannah, Ga. and  the things I miss about being raised in the south.  Wouldn’t Change A Thing is like coming home to grandma’s homemade apple pie, warm and sweet. Make sure you pick up a copy. I promise you want regret it.-King Brooks

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