{BPT Recommends} Do What You Gotta Do by:Christine Young-Robinson

Do What You Gotta Do by Christine Young-RobinsonChristine Young-Robinson is back and she is taking no prisoners with an explosive follow-up to her debut novel We Didn’t See It Coming (Strebor). In the debut, we learned about Aniyah Sanchez and her scheming to get the Houston family’s fortune. Now she is back with her eyes set on finding a new man a.k.a Sponsor. This book is about family, greed, money, and power and how one woman can come between a father and son. This book is so good, I had to pop a bag of popcorn. I have never done that for a book in all of my years. So buckle up and enjoy the roller coaster ride. Cause when it ends, you want know what hit you.

In Do What You Gotta Do, Rosie Aniyah Sanchez is just released from prison and she doesn’t know where she will lay her head. She is surprise when she walks out and see her Aunt Tessa. Aunt Tessa sets her up with an apartment, until she gets on her feet. But Aniyah has other plans , and that is to find her a wealthy man. Aniyah meets Jarvis Jr., who hires her to work as his secretary at the bank that his father owns. Not trusting Aniyah, Powell Sr goes to great lengths to destroy any type of relationship she might have his son, whom he sees as naive when it comes to women. Will Rosie Aniyah Sanchez get her happy ending? or Will she land back at square one?

Rating: 5 Stars
Click to purchase: http://astore.amazon.com/sgbobl-20/detail/1593096275

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