{Submissions} Inspirational Pieces for ‘Morning Tea Newsletter’

Type writerWRITERS NEEDED: I have been working on the Morning Tea Newsletters for the last 4 days. The elders provided me with quite a few of the original newsletters from Diann Thomas. In order for me to take on this project, I will need for people to write motivational/inspirational articles to include each day.

This is NOT a paid position, but it has the potential to share your message, ministry, books or blog with thousands of readers per week! I’m looking for any material that would brighten someone’s day! This can be poems, essays, book snippets, devotional pieces or your survivor story. You can take any bible verse and write a short piece on how it touches our lives.

* REQUIREMENTS: I don’t have a staff, so all of the material has to be well edited. Try to keep the text length between 750 to 1,200 words or less. It must be family friendly. No articles on politics, controversial issues, race relations or any violent subjects. Must be original content, no poaching!


* CONTACT ME: My name is Ella Curry and you can email your submissions to: edc_dg@yahoo.com. Do not query me, just send the completed material along with your contact information, valid email address, website and social media links. Include a bio written in third person and author’s photo (optional).

Send all material in the body on ONE email. Do not attach any documents or pdf files. We will not accept any attachments. This must be in copy and paste format. Deadline for all submissions is November 30, 2015.

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