{Feature} Inside The Book with Nicole Hampton

Nicole HamptonRecently, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Nicole Hampton about her debut novel ‘Glimmer in the Darkness.’ We talked about her life, book, forgiveness, and what book she would recommend to FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Enjoy the interview and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Black Page Turners: Hi Nicole, How are you doing? Congrats on the release of your debut novel ‘Glimmer in the Darkness.’
Nicole Hampton: Hi Mr. Cleavester, I am well. I hope you are too! Thank you, for interviewing me.

Black Page Turners: Tell the readers about ‘Glimmer in the Darkness?’
Nicole Hampton: ‘Glimmer in the Darkness’ is about Shannon Johnson, a full-time wife, mom and freelance writer, life as she knew it changed one spring afternoon with the ringing of her doorbell. On the other side stood Vaneetra James, former mistress of Shannon’s husband, Daniel. With two sons, Shannon resisted the urge to leave Daniel in order to keep her family intact. However, she refused to deal with the issues resulting from Daniel’s extramarital affair.

When Shannon thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a tragic turn of events in Vaneetra’s life turned Shannon’s already fractured world upside down, sending her marriage into an even deeper peril.

Feeling desperate and trapped, Shannon made a series of rash decisions that landed her in the arms of another man, bringing her already fragile world crashing downward. Having to come to grips with the reality that the man she once thought was extraordinary was just ordinary, she had to trudge the road of forgiveness, while learning to love again and accept what she never imagined could ever exist.

Black Page Turners: How long did it take you to write it?
Nicole Hampton: It took a long time to write Glimmer in the Darkness, some years as a matter of fact. From the time that I first decided to write a novel until I actually had a draft to send to an editor was seven years. Now, I was not actively working on it all of that time. I jotted down the idea in 2007. In that same year, I wrote a few scenarios that I thought would go well in the book. Then I put it down, only going back to it sporadically over the next few years. However, in 2013 I began to get serious. I took classes and attended workshops to learn more about the craft and started writing during my time off work. I finished my draft in October of 2014, and kept it to myself until May of this year. I had to build up my confidence to share Glimmer in the Darkness with the world. Now, it is out there and there is not turning back.

Black Page Turners: When you completed the book, did it feel like you were giving birth?
Nicole Hampton: Actually, the writing process was more like giving birth to a child…long and a bit frightening. When I completed Glimmer in the Darkness, it felt more like getting ready to send that now, grown up child off to college. There was a fear that it would be rejected, that no one, but me would like it. There was a desire to want to just keep it with me and protect it, from life, so to speak. However, I realized, that just like my children, Glimmer in the Darkness was worth sharing with the world, and its entire purpose for creation is to touch someone’s life. So, now it is out in the world being embraced.

Black Page Turners: What are you hoping to get across to the readers with ‘Glimmer in the Darkness?’
Nicole Hampton: I hope that readers know that in life, there is healing and love after hurt and pain. I want for them to understand that each person’s healing process is different, and as long as it takes is up to the one hurt. I want readers to know that although infidelity is a horrible, life changing experience for the person hurt, it is not the worst that can happen, and that there is healing that can occur, if one wants to heal. Finally, I want readers to know that everyone is flawed, and that we should never delve into others so deeply that we lose ourselves.

Black Page Turners: Tell the readers a little about yourself?
Nicole Hampton: I am a wife, mother of six, dedicated church member, and I work full time as a social worker. I love to read, of course to write. I like to serve and help others in my own way. I am an introvert, and often keep to myself, but have a small circle of friends that are as important to me as my husband and kids.

Glimmer in the Darkness (Forgiveness) by Nicole Hampton
Click the Cover to Purchase ‘Glimmer in the Darkness’

Black Page Turners: What can we expect from you in the future and from the forgiveness series?
Nicole Hampton: I am currently outlining one novella and one full length novel in the forgiveness series. The novella will give readers a look inside of Daniel’s sister Jolene’s life, and help them understand why she is on man strike. Readers may find the reason surprising. The full length novel will be dedicated to Vaneetra. She has a story and journey of her own to travel. Both books will have characters for Glimmer in the Darkness as well as new ones.

Black Page Turners: If you could recommend any book to the First Lady of the United States, what would it be and why?
Nicole Hampton: If I could recommend any book to the FLOTUS, outside of Glimmer in the Darkness (I would of course recommend my own), it would be Playing the Hand You’re Dealt by Trice Hickman. I read it over this past summer and could not put it down. I would recommend this book, because First Lady Obama has so much seriousness, and thought provoking elements going on in her life, that every now and again, she should be able to kick back and relax with a easy and satisfying read. Trice Hickman’s novels offer that opportunity.

Black Page Turners: How can readers get in contact with you?
Nicole Hampton: Readers can contact me via my website, http://www.thenicolehampton.com. I am on Facebook as Nicole Hampton. They can follow me on Twitter, @nicolehampton01, and on Google+, thenicolehampton@gmail.com. I can also be reached by email at nicolehampton02@yahoo.com

Thank you for doing this interview.


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