{2016 New Releases} Week 1: Dec 28- Jan 3


If Your Wife Only Knew by Cydney RaxIf Your Wife Only Knew by:Cydney Rax
In this scandal-filled new series, Cydney Rax delivers a sexy tale of a doubting wife, a seductive challenge, and explosive consequences no one will ever see coming…

Something’s wrong with her perfect marriage, but Kiara Eason isn’t sure what. Her ambitious husband, Rashad, is the last person who’d ever cheat—and she never imagined she’d stray. Still, why is she confiding so much in her handsome co-worker, Eddison? And why is she wondering what would happen if she put her marriage to the ultimate test—secretly setting Rashad up with a younger woman to see if he’s tempted?…

When Kiara decides to test Rashad for real, her world turns upside down. Not only does he take the bait—it turns out he’s had a mistress on the side for years. Now, betrayed and furious, Kiara will take all the sizzling erotic satisfaction Eddison can give—and forever flip the script on Rashad’s infidelity. But secrets cut both ways, and Kiara soon finds that the only road to winning this game could lead to losing it all…
Release: 12/29/15
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The Committee by Terry E. HillThe Committee by:Terry E. Hill
The newest novel in the Sunday Morning series, Terry E. Hill returns with an even more drama-filled story about ambition, betrayal, and murder in her first mass market original!

One year after the dramatic murders that took place at New Testament Cathedral, Gideon Truman’s career as an investigative reporter is at its peak, and his popular syndicated television show attracts A-list celebrities, as well as national and international politicians. When Gideon set his sights on political power couple Dianne and Sheridan Hardaway, life becomes complicated for him once again.

Dianne Hardaway is the first African-American female mayor of Los Angeles, and rumors are swirling that she could be on her way to the governorship—and perhaps even the White House. To most observers, the Hardaways are the ultimate couple on the rise, but whenever Gideon sees the Hardaways on the front page of a magazine or at an event, he gets an uneasy feeling about Dianne. Something just isn’t right.

What Gideon doesn’t know is that Dianne is backed by The Committee, a secret group of powerful, wealthy people who have selected every United States President since James Monroe. They also declare wars, direct foreign policy, and control the nation and much of the world economy. The current generation of Committee members has decided that Dianne will be the first female president, and they begin to clear her path. Their methods include lies, intimidation, bribery, and murder.

When Dianne’s husband dies, it is ruled an accident, but Gideon’s reporter instincts kick in. He is convinced that this is another case of an ambitious woman eliminating the man standing in her way. Uncovering the true cause of Sheridan’s death becomes his top priority. When The Committee learns of Gideon’s investigation into the woman they now own, they reach the only logical conclusion: Gideon Truman must die.
Release: 12/29/15
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Still Sheisty by T.N. BakerStill Sheisty by:T.N. Baker
Epiphany, Keisha, and Shana were once best friends, but envy, built-up animosity, and the bad boys in their lives have come between them. Drastic situations have left their friendship on the edge of destruction.

In this sequel to the hood classic, Sheisty, T.N. Baker shows readers that you can never really take the hood out of the homegirl. Epiphany, Keisha, and Shana are still trickin’ for dough, still running off at the mouth, and still being sheisty. However, as they will soon see, you can’t stay wrapped up in drama forever, because what goes around comes around. Everything will all come to a head, one way or another.

Read Still Sheisty to learn the answers to these questions: Will death really come knocking on Epiphany’s door? Will Keisha give up her good-girl image once and for all? Will Shana find herself in a situation that will claim her man and her freedom?

Still Sheisty lives up to its predecessor—all that and then some—so get ready for the drama!
Release: 12/29/15
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Black Freemasonry From Prince Hall to the Giants of Jazz by Cécile RévaugerBlack Freemasonry: From Prince Hall to the Giants of Jazz by:Cécile Révauger
The history of black Freemasonry from Boston and Philadelphia in the late 1700s through the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement

• Examines the letters of Prince Hall, legendary founder of the first black lodge

• Reveals how many of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century were also Masons, including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Nat King Cole

• Explores the origins of the Civil Rights Movement within black Freemasonry and the roles played by Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois

When the first Masonic lodges opened in Paris in the early 18th century their membership included traders, merchants, musketeers, clergymen, and women–both white and black. This was not the case in the United States where black Freemasons were not eligible for membership in existing lodges. For this reason the first official charter for an exclusively black lodge–the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts–was granted by the Grand Lodge of England rather than any American chapter.

Through privileged access to archives kept by Grand Lodges, Masonic libraries, and museums in both the United States and Europe, respected Freemasonry historian Cécile Révauger traces the history of black Freemasonry from Boston and Philadelphia in the late 1700s through the Abolition Movement and the Civil War to the genesis of the Civil Rights Movement in the early 1900s up through the 1960s. She opens with a look at Prince Hall, legendary founder and the chosen namesake when black American lodges changed from “African Lodges” to “Prince Hall Lodges” in the early 1800s. She reveals how the Masonic principles of mutual aid and charity were more heavily emphasized in the black lodges and especially during the reconstruction period following the Civil War. She explores the origins of the Civil Rights Movement within black Freemasonry and the roles played by Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois, founder of the NAACP, among others.

Looking at the deep connections between jazz and Freemasonry, the author reveals how many of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century were also Masons, including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Eubie Blake, Cab Calloway, and Paul Robeson. Unveiling the deeply social role at the heart of black Freemasonry, Révauger shows how the black lodges were instrumental in helping American blacks transcend the horrors of slavery and prejudice, achieve higher social status, and create their own solid spiritually based social structure, which in some cities arose prior to the establishment of black churches.
Release: 1/2/16
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Negro Soy Yo by Marc D. PerryNegro Soy Yo by:Marc D. Perry
In Negro Soy Yo Marc D. Perry explores Cuba’s hip hop movement as a window into the racial complexities of the island’s ongoing transition from revolutionary socialism toward free-market capitalism. Centering on the music and lives of black-identified raperos (rappers), Perry examines the ways these young artists craft notions of black Cuban identity and racial citizenship, along with calls for racial justice, at the fraught confluence of growing Afro-Cuban marginalization and long held perceptions of Cuba as a non-racial nation. Situating hip hop within a long history of Cuban racial politics, Perry discusses the artistic and cultural exchanges between raperos and North American rappers and activists, and their relationships with older Afro-Cuban intellectuals and African American political exiles. He also examines critiques of Cuban patriarchy by female raperos, the competing rise of reggaetón, as well as state efforts to incorporate hip hop into its cultural institutions. At this pivotal moment of Cuban-U.S. relations, Perry’s analysis illuminates the evolving dynamics of race, agency, and neoliberal transformation amid a Cuba in historic flux.
Release: 12/30/15
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