{Contest/Giveaway} The Score by:Kiki Swinson

The Score by Kiki SwinsonEnter to Win a Free Copy of this Thriller ‘The Score by:Kiki Swinson.’

Just fill out the form below and you are entered. The winner will be contacted on Monday 2/15/16. Enter Only Once for this book. Make sure you like us on Facebook and Twitter for future contest.

Urban lit star and national bestselling author Kiki Swinson presents her most powerful novel yet-a sexy, high-octane cat and mouse thrill ride that pits a career criminal against a ruthless killer.

Going once…
Identity theft mastermind Lauren Kelly has always had a taste for the finer things—including Matt Connors, her lover and accomplice. But she’s not the only one…

Going twice…
When their partner, Yancy, stumbles onto a tycoon’s multi-million dollar bank account, Lauren expects everything will go smoothly—until she discovers Yancy and Matt are planning the ultimate betrayal…

Someone’s going to be gone…
Fortunately, Lauren is one step ahead of Matt. Once she disappears with every last dollar, they’ll have no doubt they chose the wrong woman to deceive. But all three of them chose the wrong target…
Click to purchase: http://amzn.to/1KnOwOZ (Kindle) or (Hardcover)

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