{2016 New Releases} Week 17: April 18-24


The Blackbirds by Eric Jerome DickeyThe Blackbirds by:Eric Jerome Dickey
New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey delivers his next delectable, erotic romance.

They call themselves the Blackbirds. Kwanzaa, Indigo, Destiny, and Erica, four best friends who would go to the ends of the earth for one another. Yet even their deep bond can’t heal all, as the women struggle with their own personal demons, drama, and steamy desire.

Trying to forget her cheating ex-fiancé, Kwanzaa becomes entangled with a one-night stand she meets on her birthday; Indigo is in an endless on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend; Destiny, readjusting to normal life, struggles to control her own anger after avenging a deep wrong landed her in juvie; and divorced Erica tries to keep the desperate crush she has on Destiny’s father a secret…a passion that just may be reciprocated.

As the women try to overcome—or give into—their impulses, they find not only themselves tested, but the one thing they always considered unbreakable: their friendship.
Release: 4/19/16
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Mattie's Call by Stacy CampbellMattie’s Call by:Stacy Campbell
When their mother goes missing from her nursing home, three estranged siblings must fulfill the requests left in her will before they can find closure—or receive their inheritance.

Mattie Benson feels trapped in Grand Oak Acres Nursing Home. Abandoned by her adult children and missing her deceased husband, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves the facility. A Mattie’s Call is issued, and soon, the siblings learn things about their mother they never knew—namely, her ability to bring them together through the conditions of her will.

Gabrielle, the eldest daughter, must stop living life on her looks, get a job, and move out of the family home. This feat proves difficult for a forty-nine-year-old woman accustomed to the generosity of wealthy men.

Joshua, the runaway groom, must reconnect with the son he never knew existed. He isn’t against the idea, but facing the only love of his life proves more difficult than he anticipated.
Release: 4/19/16
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Not With the Church's Money by Michelle StimpsonNot With the Church’s Money by:Michelle Stimpson
When the pastor of Lee Chapel passes away suddenly, his son, Willie Lee, Jr., is supposed to pick up the mantle. But “church” was never Willie Jr.’s forte…until his uncle Joseph convinces him that becoming the next pastor might prove beneficial financially.

Willie’s mother, Ephesia, hopes that her son will be able to fill his father’s shoes, but she has doubts. And Willie’s Aunt Galatia has no problem voicing her opinions about Willie Jr.’s deficiencies. In fact, she hopes that her husband (Joseph) will soon be able to take over the job of shepherding the church.

Amidst this uncertainty, Willie’s wife decides now would be a good time to leave, which means Willie Jr. must obtain and keep a job–something he hasn’t ever really had to do. Will the pressures of making ends meet cause Willie Jr. to abuse his position and the church’s money? Will he ever be able to live up to the prophecy his deceased father told? And will he learn his most valuable lessons before it’s too late?
Release: 4/19/16
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When I Fall in Love by Bridget AndersonWhen I Fall In Love by:Bridget Anderson
Love creates its own rules

Ascending the corporate ladder has consumed most of Tayler Carter’s adult life. Now the savvy Atlanta VP and female-empowerment speaker is ready for a well-deserved retreat. A fabulous antebellum mansion turned B and B in rural Kentucky is the perfect change of pace. But her host is no unsophisticated farm boy. Rugged hunk Rollin Coleman is educating Tayler in the wonders of natural food and down-home passion.

Transforming his family’s struggling homestead into an organic cooperative is starting to pay off for Rollin. But without the right woman, it’s a lonely existence. Until he introduces his alluring new guest to the pleasures of the countryside. And once his small-town community embraces her, can Rollin count on Tayler to leave her fast-paced world behind and together create a place they can both call home?
Release: 4/19/16
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Under the Bali Moon by Grace OctaviaUnder the Bali Moon by:Grace Octavia
Reunion in paradise

Exotic Bali is the perfect place to stage a wedding. If ambitious attorney Zena Shaw has her way, it’ll also be the perfect place to prevent one. Zena loves her younger sister too much to watch her rush into a marriage she’ll later regret. But Zena’s mission hits an obstacle in the form of gorgeous Adan Douglass, the groom-to-be’s brother—and the man who once broke Zena’s heart.

Adan was just a college kid when he chose career ambition over love, but years later he regrets it. Now he’s hoping to persuade the beautiful workaholic to join him at their siblings’ union…and think about rekindling their own. From stunning beaches to magnificent temples, he’ll show her everything this lush island has to offer—and hope these magical nights are only the beginning of forever…
Release: 4/19/16
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Provocative Attraction by AlTonya WashingtonProvocative Attraction by:AlTonya Washington
Second-chance romance

Viva Hail always dreamed of a world far away from her struggling Philadelphia roots. It ended up costing her the man she loved. Now Rook Lourdess is back in her life in a big way. As her personal bodyguard, the world-renowned security expert sweeps her off to his chalet in Italy, rekindling a desire that could forgive the mistakes of the past.

Rook is finally ready to put his obsession with Viva behind him. But when the celebrated actress becomes an eyewitness to a dangerous money-laundering operation, he’s her best hope of survival. What better cover than the Hollywood star running off with her ex-lover? Will their reignited passion offer a chance to write a new ending, or is Rook giving in to a temptation that could break his heart once again?
Release: 4/19/16
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His Love Lesson by Nicki NightHis Love Lesson by:Nicki Night
The Barrington Brothers. New York’s most irresistible bachelors.

After finally dumping her controlling fiancé, Chey Rodgers is ready to live life on her own terms. Moving to New York to complete her undergrad degree is step one—but getting snowed in with a sensual stranger isn’t part of the plan! Now Chey can’t stop fantasizing about the incredible lover she never expects to see again. Until her new professor walks into the classroom…

Successful corporate attorney Hunter Barrington has one semester to prove himself at his alma mater. He’s put to the test when the sultry beauty who shared his bed at a Utah ski resort reappears in his life. A secret romance with his student could cost Hunter his academic future—especially when a scheming colleague sets her sights on the eligible lawyer. Will Hunter and Chey be able to avoid scandal and attain their dreams without sacrificing their passion?
Release: 4/19/16
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Be My Valentine by Sean D. YoungBe My Valentine by:Sean D. Young
Without the right heart note, the essence of love could vanish into thin air.

The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 3

Now that Patrice McClendon is at the helm of her mother’s aromatherapy company, she has ideas to propel Good Scents to the next level. Starting with developing a signature scent for Valentine’s Day.

She’s sure she’s found a perfumer with the training and artistry to assure the smell of success will be sweet. There’s just one problem. The best in the business is a temperamental perfectionist.

Jacques Germain is intrigued with the opportunity to work with a small-market company like Good Scents, but from his first tumultuous meeting with Patrice, her aggressive business sense overpowers the subtler notes of their underlying attraction.

Worse, once they’re in the lab, their chemistry proves volatile. To find the missing ingredient in Patrice’s make-it-or-break-it blend—and in their relationship—they’ll have to figure out how to work side by side instead of head to head. And trust that their deepest vulnerabilities could be their greatest strength.

Warning: Contains a driven businesswoman so close to success she can smell it, and a high-end “nose” who knows all too well how quickly the sweetest love can turn bitter.
Release: 4/19/16
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The Summer of Me by Angela BensonThe Summer of Me by:Angela Benson
The nationally bestselling author of Delilah’s Daughters and The Amen Sisters returns with a moving story about a single mother who discovers the woman she can be in one unforgettable summer

As a single mother, Destiny makes sacrifices for her children-including saying goodbye for the summer so they can spend time with their father and stepmother. Though she’ll miss them with all her heart, the time alone gives her an opportunity to address her own needs, like finish getting her college degree. But Destiny’s friends think her summer should include some romance.

Destiny doesn’t want to be set up…until she meets Daniel. The handsome, warm and charming pastor soon sweeps Destiny off her feet. But is romance what she really wants? Or needs?

As the days pass, Destiny will make new discoveries—about herself, the man she’s fallen for, and the people around her. And she’ll face challenging choices. But most of all, she’ll grow in ways she never imagined, learning unexpected lessons about trust, forgiveness, and the price of motherhood…and truly become the woman she wants to be.
Release: 4/19/16
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The Art of Dressing Curves by Susan MosesThe Art of Dressing Curves by:Susan Moses
Susan Moses, the go-to celebrity stylist for curvy women both on and off the red carpet presents the first inspirational, confidence-building, prescriptive style guide for plus-size women who want to dress fashionably and look their beautiful best.

Nearly two-thirds of American women are plus-size—and they care just as much about fashion and beauty as their thinner counterparts. They’re tired of being ignored by the industry and shopping for styles wedged into the far reaches of department stores. Now, Susan Moses, a plus-size woman with a dynamic personality and an in-demand stylist whose clientele includes Hollywood and music industry celebrities, addresses this audience’s needs with this essential handbook to help them look fabulous.

The Art of Dressing Curves gives plus-size women the confidence and know-how to dress beautifully for their particular body shape. Gorgeously designed, filled with high-fashion photography, and written in Susan’s down-to earth, accessible, and enthusiastic voice, The Art of Dressing Curves tells the story of her journey to self-acceptance and outlines her formula for seamless dressing that has helped some of the most iconic curvy women in music, film, and fashion look dazzling in the spotlight.

From foundation garments to wardrobe essentials to hair and makeup, Susan dispenses advice on every aspect of dressing well for one’s shape, size, and personality, insight supplemented by a wealth of elegant editorial photographs, anecdotes, tips, and sidebars, as well as lists of specialty retailers, designers, and websites that cater to plus-size.
Release: 4/19/16
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The Genesis of Liberation by Emerson B. PoweryThe Genesis of Liberation by:Emerson B. Powery
Considering that the Bible was used to justify and perpetuate African American enslavement, why would it be given such authority? In this fascinating volume, Powery and Sadler explore how the Bible became a source of liberation for enslaved African Americans by analyzing its function in pre-Civil War freedom narratives. They explain the various ways in which enslaved African Americans interpreted the Bible and used it as a source for hope, empowerment, and literacy. The authors show that through their own engagement with the biblical text, enslaved African Americans found a liberating word. The Genesis of Liberation recovers the early history of black biblical interpretation and will help to expand understandings of African American hermeneutics.
Release: 4/18/16
Click to purchase: (Paperback)

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