{2016 New Releases} Week 22: May 23-29


Vengeance by ZaneVengeance by:Zane
Mega bestselling author Zane returns to the world of her hugely popular novels Addicted and Nervous in this dark and exhilarating follow-up featuring a beautiful but emotionally damaged pop star desperate and determined to enact revenge on those who have caused her to hide behind her fame.

After fleeing from Atlanta years ago following a traumatic event, Caprice Tatum decides it’s time to return to her roots—only this time, she’s coming back as Wicket, the international pop sensation who’s the very definition of fame and fortune. And while she may be the perfect diva onstage, offstage she’s desperate to finally lay her past to rest. Her plan? Revenge.

The deeper she worms her way into Atlanta’s most elite circles, the more Caprice unravels, putting herself and the few people she trusts at risk, including Jonovan, her childhood crush whose compassion and allure is almost too hot to handle. When her father suggests she see a therapist, Dr. Marcella Spencer, Caprice finally begins to pick up her pieces and find an inner-strength.

But can Caprice truly overcome her past? Or will it drag her even further into darkness?
Release: 5/24/16
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The Real Mrs. Price by J. D. MasonThe Real Mrs. Price by:J.D. Mason
Lucy Price is living the American dream. She is happily married to her successful husband, Edward Price. She has a handsome son and the white picket fence. Until she learns that Eddie is a dangerously ruthless man, wrapped up in some dangerously ruthless business. Then Eddie disappears, but not before warning Lucy that if she wants to keep breathing she’d better keep her mouth shut. But what is a wife to do when her husband has been missing for six months and she starts to look like the prime suspect?

Marlowe is no stranger to trouble. An outcast in her own community for being one of those “hoodoo women,” who can curse you or cast you under her beguiling spell, Marlowe is shunned at every turn-until her whirlwind marriage in Mexico to Eddie Price. For Marlowe and Eddie, there is no such thing as trouble in paradise. But when Marlowe witnesses a dead man being hauled by Eddie from his car, the illusion comes crashing down around her and she knows she has to move fast before the devil comes calling once again.
Release: 5/24/16
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Pretty Hustlaz-The Sin City Edition by Blake Karrington and A. Marie JohnsonPretty Hustlaz: “The Sin City Edition” by:Blake Karrington and A. Marie Johnson
They say its a man’s world but what happens when a woman grinds harder? For Gia Merlow, the picture was painted clearly when she singlehandedly took over an entire city with one bold move. Las Vegas belonged to her and she had no intentions of giving it back…that is until she crosses paths with a man that believes everything she has worked hard for and built up belongs to him. What goes up must come down and unfortunately for Gia someone she loves is gunning for her empire with marksman aim. If she makes one wrong wager she will sacrifice it all and if she can help it, she doesn’t plan on giving up any of her poker chips. Join Blake Karrington and A. Marie Johnson on this sexy tale of power and the deadly sins.
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Policing the Planet by Jordan T. CampPolicing the Planet by:Jordan T. Camp
How policing became the major political issue of our time.

Combining firsthand accounts from activists with the research of scholars and reflections from artists, Policing the Planet traces the global spread of the broken-windows policing strategy, first established in New York City under Police Commissioner William Bratton. It’s a doctrine that has vastly broadened police power the world over—to deadly effect.

With contributions from #BlackLivesMatter cofounder Patrisse Cullors, Ferguson activist and Law Professor Justin Hansford, Director of New York–based Communities United for Police Reform Joo-Hyun Kang, poet Martín Espada, and journalist Anjali Kamat, as well as articles from leading scholars Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Robin D. G. Kelley, Naomi Murakawa, Vijay Prashad, and more, Policing the Planet describes ongoing struggles from New York to Baltimore to Los Angeles, London, San Juan, San Salvador, and beyond.
Release: 5/24/16
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Black Bodies, Black Rights by Elizabeth Farfan-SantosBlack Bodies, Black Rights: The Politics of Quilombolismo in Contemporary Brazil by:Elizabeth Farfán-Santos
Under a provision in the Brazilian constitution, rural black communities identified as the modern descendants of quilombos—runaway slave communities—are promised land rights as a form of reparations for the historic exclusion of blacks from land ownership. The quilombo provision has been hailed as a success for black rights; however, rights for quilombolas are highly controversial and, in many cases, have led to violent land conflicts. Although thousands of rural black communities have been legally recognized, only a handful have received the rights they were promised. Conflict over quilombola rights is widespread and carries important consequences for race relations and political representations of blackness in twenty-first century Brazil.

Drawing on a year of field research in a quilombola community, Elizabeth Farfán-Santos explores how quilombo recognition has significantly affected the everyday lives of those who experience the often-complicated political process. Questions of identity, race, and entitlement play out against a community’s struggle to prove its historical authenticity—and to gain the land and rights they need to survive. This work not only demonstrates the lived experience of a new, particular form of blackness in Brazil, but also shows how blackness is being mobilized and reimagined to gain social rights and political recognition. Black Bodies, Black Rights thus represents an important contribution to the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of Afro-Latino studies.
Release: 5/24/16
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Dated Emcees by Chinaka HodgeDated Emcees by:Chinaka Hodge
Chinaka Hodge came of age along with hip-hop—and its influence on her suitors became inextricable from their personal interactions. Form blends with content in Dated Emcees as she examines her love life through the lens of hip-hop’s best known orators, characters, archetypes and songs, creating a new and inventive narrative about the music that shaped the craggy heart of a young woman poet, just as it also changed the global landscape of pop.
Release: 5/24/16
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Meet the Regulars by Joshua D. FischerMeet The Regulars by:Joshua D. Fischer
Based on the column The Regulars on the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, the celebrities and everyday people who love the local joints of the world’s coolest borough.

Meet the Regulars captures a previously unseen and entertaining portrait of the people of Brooklyn and the places they love. In talking with the regulars at bars, restaurants, and shops in the world-famous borough, author Joshua Fischer delivers deep and delightful stories presented alongside stunning snapshots from accomplished photographers including Nina Westervelt (Vogue.com, New York Times), Phil Provencio (Variety, Saturday Night Live, and CBS), and Nicole Disser (Bedford + Bowery and Brooklyn Magazine online). Meet the Regulars reveals the great power in the connections we make with the people and places where we live.

Originally an interview series on the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, Meet the Regulars introduces us to a diverse and changing Brooklyn through its regulars: the first-generation American Latino café owner who drinks Coors out of a can and loves a good debate with the lawyer and plumber at his corner bar, the blogger who fixes her hair and heart at her cherished salon, the lady so loyal to her local bar she has its logo tattooed on her arm, the Asian hipster couple who drink and dance for “exercise” at their new-school Brooklyn hangout, and the burgeoning filmmaker who walks twenty blocks for sage advice from a legendary bartender inside a bowling alley.

Familiar faces include party rocker Andrew W. K. spicing things up at the Thai joint from his early days, Saturday Night Live performer Sasheer Zamata reliving a break-up at her go-to brunch spot, Radiolab host Jad Abumrad sippin’ whiskey to Black Sabbath, beloved NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan chowing down on meatballs, actor Jessica Pimentel (Orange Is the New Black) championing her local metal bar, actor Kevin Corrigan (Goodfellas, Pineapple Express) contemplating a Guinness at his favorite Irish pub, and more.
Release: 5/24/16
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ESSENCE Prince: A Tribute to His Royal Badness by:The Editors of Essence
In a tribute to Prince, the late Grammy and Oscar-winning legend, ESSENCE presents a lavishly illustrated special edition that pays homage to the artist and his continuing legacy.

Filled with dozens of photographs that span Prince’s entire career, Prince: A Tribute to His Royal Badness takes his fans on a journey from his early days through the heady years of “I Wanna Be Your Love,” “Controversy,” “Little Red Corvette,” and “Purple Rain,” to his electrifying collaborations, unique artistic expression, activism on behalf of musician’s rights, and his singular style as a fashion icon and trailblazer. This commemorative edition also includes contributions from Patti LaBelle, Lalah Hathaway, Misty Copeland and many more, as well as quotes from Prince himself that reveal insights into his creativity, music, activism, and inspiration. Also included are reflections from award-winning entertainment journalists and editors who knew him, including Shaun Robinson, Harriette Cole, Nekesa Mumbi Moody, and Gail Mitchell.

Distinctive and visually arresting, Prince: A Tribute to His Royal Badness honors this cherished artists and his unforgettable impact on the millions of fans moved by his musical genius.
Release: 5/27/16
Click to purchase: (Paperback)

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