{Submissions} Nothing to Lose But Our Chains

Nothing to Lose But Our ChainsJustice Matters Press is seeking submissions from Black writers for a forthcoming anthology called ‘Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: Black Voices On Activism, Resistance And Love.’

We seek single or co-authored critical, creative, insightful writing that comes from firsthand political, cultural, academic and spiritual engagement against systemic racism and state violence. We seek analysis of extrajudicial killings of black women and men, of black queer and trans* peoples. We seek writing that is intersectional and points to how the value placed on the lives of black women show the value placed on all black lives. We seek writing that records and shares a cross-section of sectors where black people are working and writing themselves into a historicity. We seek writing that trusts and cites black source from wherever it emerges. We seek voices that know that it is not too soon, in our fast-moving history, to gather the analyses, the poetics and the syllabi of black folks’ presents and futures. We seek work that shows the ways in which black writers are teaching, mapping, redrawing and negotiating current political landscapes….

Submission period: May 4- July 7. No reading fee. Submissions are e-mail only marvin@justicematters.press. For more info please visit http://justicematters.press/news/call-for-submissions/

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