{Between The Lines} Marissa Monteilh Set To Retire From Writing

the-practice-wife-boxLast night, author Marissa Monteilh announced that she is retiring from writing. She made a post on her Facebook page that said 2017 will be the end of her personal writing career after 20 years in the business. “It’s a good but emotional time, will allow for more time to ghostwrite, cookie biz, and travel” Monteilh said. It is no secret that the publishing industry has changed in so many ways and it looks like it is pushing good/great authors that really care about their craft out. We wish Marissa all the best!

Marissa Monteilh:
I cried a literal ugly cry when I opened this box.😭 See, I’m a book mom, who has given birth again, and this is my second-to-last book baby. And though I originally had a big mainstream team in on the blood, sweat and tears delivery, this one, like others, was born with a mid-wife . . . me. And after 20 years, I’ll do it one more time next summer with L.A. HUSBANDS AND WIVES: THE HOT BOYZ TRILOGY. I’ll officially retire during the 2017 National Book Club Conference, and talk about tears, whew! Mommy’s eggs are fried, lol, but my over twenty book babies will live on. And I will proudly live on in them. So, don’t sleep on THE PRACTICE WIFE next month. Give her a place on your shelf until her baby brother arrives next year. Her author mommy thanks you! 😗😉❤

Cleavester is Editorial Director of Black Page Turners Magazine.

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