{New Releases} Week 39 (Sept 19-25)


a-stallions-touch-by-deborah-fletcher-melloA Stallion’s Touch by:Deborah Fletcher-Mello
The sweetest medicine

Nicholas Stallion’s championship dreams are almost within reach. The star quarterback has lucrative endorsement deals, A-list friends and beautiful women on call…until a play-off injury changes his life. He’s angry at the world—and butting heads with family friend Dr. Tarah Boudreaux. Yet the ambitious neurosurgeon’s unwavering encouragement sparks an intimacy that blindsides them both.

The Nicholas that Tarah met before the accident had wealth, fame and charm. All of that pales in comparison to the driven, determined man she’s falling for now. And when a captivating first kiss leads to an intensely tender moment, she knows she’s in way over her head. But with a jealous rival in the mix, Nicholas must be willing to make the ultimate play, or lose a love he had never dreamed of finding…
Release: 9/20/16
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places-in-my-heart-by-sheryl-listerPlaces in My Heart by:Sheryl Lister
He’s got all the right moves

Omar Drummond is a pro football superstar with a body that’s a pure work of art. But Morgan Gray is forbidden to act on their chemistry, or repeat their impulsive kiss. Proving her worth as a sports agent means securing the notorious celebrity as a client, not a lover. Yet between flowers, sweet notes and heady hotel interludes, Omar is shamelessly seducing her…

Other agents—and exes—have tried using Omar as a meal ticket, and he’s closed himself off from emotional entanglements. With Morgan, it’s a whole new playbook. Smart and tough, she can negotiate a contract and turn him on all in one go, and he craves more. But in matters of trust, he’s just fumbled badly. To win her, he has to show her the man he can be away from the pitch and the limelight, and hope that this time they’re both playing for keeps.
Release: 9/20/16
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riding-into-love-by-nicki-nightRiding into Love by:Nicki Night
Will he be the last Barrington bachelor left standing?

Unlucky in love, Manhattan attorney Alana Thomas has to face the facts: Mr. Right doesn’t exist. The only one who ever came close was Drew Barrington. Now the international motorcycle legend is back in town…and ready to fan some serious flames. Tempted as she is, Alana knows that breaking her no-dating rule with the sexy playboy rebel could also break her heart.

A family crisis brought Drew back to the United States. But hooking up with the woman he has always fantasized about could make this a homecoming to remember. From glittering city penthouses to a sprawling Long Island estate, Drew pursues Alana with a passion that gradually melts her defenses. Together, can they rewrite the laws of love?
Release: 9/20/16
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his-southern-sweetheart-by-carolyn-hectorHis Southern Sweetheart by:Carolyn Hector
Seduction, Southern style!

Reality show producer Amelia Marlow has a score to settle with sexy Nate Reyes—and buying him at a bachelor auction promises sweet satisfaction. After all, it’s thanks to him that workaholic Amelia is on temporary leave in her sleepy Georgia hometown. The least he can do is help her while she’s stuck there! But the forty hours of community service Nate owes soon turn into sensual and sizzling overtime…

Nate wants to make things right with the gorgeous Amelia. Through sultry days and even hotter nights, Nate’s surprised to find she’s slowly turning his “no complications wanted” attitude into intense attraction. And he soon discovers that he’ll do anything to prove that there’s only one perfect place for Amelia—in his arms!
Release: 9/20/16
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almost-there-by-rhonda-mcknightAlmost There: Prequel to Shame On You by:Rhonda McKnight
Zane, Benxi, and Mekhi’s careers are on the brink of superstardom. But each has a past that’s threatening to catch up with them. While some of their demons are deep emotional wounds, others are flesh and blood enemies who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving the fame they’ve worked so hard for.
Release: 9/20/16
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from-darkness-to-dynasty-by-jerry-thorntonFrom Darkness To Dynasty by: Jerry Thornton
Love them or hate them, what New England has been able to do over the past 15 years is nothing short of remarkable. Now, not only boasting four Super Bowl Championships, the Patriots also have the best coach in the league, a smart and savvy front office, and a future Hall of Fame quarterback who is internationally recognized as the face of the NFL. And as the Patriots continue to dominate, on the field as well as in the media and the American pop culture landscape, the harder it is for anyone to remember them as anything other than a model franchise and the ultimate paradigm of success and accomplishment.

Anyone, that is, except for Jerry Thornton. It wasn’t always sunshine and roses for the Patriots; in fact, for the bulk of their existence, it was exactly the opposite. Though difficult to fathom now, the New England Patriots of old were not just bad—they were laughably bad. Not too long ago, the Pats were not only the laughingstock of the NFL, but of the entire sporting world.

From Darkness to Dynasty reveals the unlikely history of the New England Patriots as it has never been told before. From their humble beginnings as a team bought with rainy day money by a man who had no idea what he was doing to that fateful 2001 season that saw them win their first Super Bowl, Jerry Thornton shares the wild, humiliating, unbelievable, and wonderful stories that comprised the first 40 years of what would ultimately become the most dominant franchise in NFL history.

Witty, hilarious, and brutally honest, From Darkness to Dynasty returns to the thrilling, perilous days of yesteryear—a welcome corrective for those who hate the Patriots, and a useful reminder, for those who love them, that all glory is fleeting.
Release: 9/20/16
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the-seasoned-life-by-ayesha-curryThe Seasoned Life by:Ayesha Curry
A beautiful family-centric cookbook for the home chef, from Ayesha Curry

In THE SEASONED LIFE Ayesha Curry will share 100 of her favorite recipes and invite readers into the home she has made with her two daughters and her husband Stephen Curry. Ayesha knows firsthand what it is like to be a busy mom and wife, and she knows that for her family, time in the kitchen and around the table is where that balance begins.

This book has something for everybody. The simple, delicious recipes include Cast Iron Biscuits, Smoked Salmon Scramble, Homemade Granola, Mom’s Chicken Soup, Stephen’s 5 Ingredient Pasta, and plenty of recipes that get the whole family involved — even the little ones!
Release: 9/20/16
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the-book-of-joy-by-desmond-tutuThe Book of Joy by:Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu
Two great spiritual masters share their own hard-won wisdom about living with joy even in the face of adversity.

The occasion was a big birthday. And it inspired two close friends to get together for a talk about something very important to them. The friends were His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The subject was joy. Both winners of the Nobel Prize, both great spiritual masters and moral leaders of our time, they are also known for being among the most infectiously happy people on the planet.

From the beginning the book was envisioned as a three-layer birthday cake: their personal stories, their teachings about joy, and a practical component based on the daily practices that anchor their own emotional and spiritual lives. Both The Dalai Lama and Tutu have been tested by great personal and national adversity, oppression, and conflict. Now that they are both in their eighties, they feel it is especially important to spread the message that to experience joy yourself, you must give joy to others.

Most of all, during that landmark week in Dharamsala, they demonstrated by their own exuberance, compassion, and even wise-cracking humor, how joy can be transformed from a fleeting emotion into an enduring way of being.
Release: 9/20/16
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believing-in-magic-by-cookie-johnsonBelieving In Magic by:Cookie Johnson w/Denene Millner
In her poignant and touching memoir, Cookie Johnson, wife of NBA icon Earvin “Magic” Johnson, shares for the first time how her husband’s HIV diagnosis twenty-five years ago sent her life and marriage in a frightening new direction.

On November 7, 1991, basketball legend Magic Johnson stunned the world with the news that he was HIV-positive. For the millions who tuned in as he shared his news, Magic’s revelation became a seminal moment for the nation. Now twenty-five years later, Cookie Johnson shares her story and the emotional journey that started on that day—from life as a pregnany and joyous newlywed to one filled with the fear that her husband would die, she and her baby would, too, be infected with the virus, and their family would be shunned. Believing in Magic is far more than Cookie’s account of surviving that trauma; it is the story of her marriage with Earvin and the nearly three decades of loving each other, losing their way, and eventually finding a path they never imagined they’d take.
Release: 9/20/16
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Children & Young Adult

in-the-shadow-of-liberty-by-kenneth-c-davisIn The Shadow of Liberty by:Kenneth C. Davis
From the bestselling author of the Don’t Know Much About® books, this middle-grade nonfiction account tells the true stories of five enslaved people who were considered the property of some of the greatest U.S. presidents.

Here are the stories of five enslaved people who witnessed the birth of America: Billy Lee, valet to George Washington; Ona Judge, who escaped from Martha Washington; Isaac Granger, servant of Thomas Jefferson; Paul Jennings, who witnessed the War of 1812 in James Madison’s White House; and Alfred Jackson, “owned” by Andrew Jackson. These true stories explore our country’s great, tragic contradiction—that a nation “conceived in liberty” was also born in shackles.

In this lavishly designed, fully illustrated edition, these five dramatic narratives, accessibly told and with primary sources where possible, will bust myths and help set the sanitized historical record straight.
Release: 9/20/16
Ages: 10 to 14
Click to purchase: (Kindle)(Hardcover)(Audio CD)

catching-a-storyfish-by-janice-n-harringtonCatching a Storyfish by:Janice N. Harrington
Keet knows the only good thing about moving away from her Alabama home is that she’ll live near her beloved grandfather. When Keet starts school, it’s even worse than she expected, as the kids tease her about her southern accent. Now Keet, who can “talk the whiskers off a catfish,” doesn’t want to open her mouth. Slowly, though, while fishing with her grandfather, she learns the art of listening. Gradually, she makes her first new friend. But just as she’s beginning to settle in, her grandfather has a stroke, and even though he’s still nearby, he suddenly feels ever-so-far-away. Keet is determined to reel him back to her by telling him stories; in the process she finds her voice and her grandfather again. This lyrical and deeply emotional novel-in-verse celebrates the power of story and of finding one’s individual voice.
Release: 9/20/16
Ages: 8 – 12 ; Grade Level: 2 – 7
Click to purchase: (Kindle) or (Hardcover)

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