{Exclusive Excerpt} All He Wants for Christmas: A Novella (Edge of Scandal) by:Elle Wright

All He Wants for Christmas by Elle WrightChapter One

Sydney Williams jumped when she felt the buzz of her cell phone, followed by the “Christmastime is Here” ringtone. She had just put her daughter, Brynn, down after hours of loud wailing and hoped the loud ringing didn’t wake her. Teething. Who knew little bitty teeth would bring her to her knees. Between the whining and the drool everywhere, she wondered if teething was a special type of torture for parents.

Patting her bed in search of the phone, she finally located it beneath the plush bear she’d used to put on a little show for her irritated darling.

“Hello,” she answered with a yawn.

“Don’t tell me you fell asleep on me.” Morgan’s soft, husky voice immediately soothed her frayed nerves. “I thought we were supposed to have a little date.”

Sydney couldn’t help the smile that pulled at the corners of her mouth. It amazed her that the sound of his voice still made her feel safe, secure, and treasured, warming her from the top of her head to the tips of her painted toes. Morgan Smith would be her husband in less than two weeks and she could hardly wait to marry him and make their forever official.

“I’m sorry, babe.” She really had tried to stay up for their call, but their daughter had zapped any energy she’d had. After their earlier conversation, she’d been giddy with excitement for this phone call.

Sydney eyed the gift on her bedside table, given by her best friend, Cali. She smiled at the memory. When she’d opened the box and saw the contraption, she’d practically dropped it on the floor. Cali explained that it would help with the lonely nights away from Morgan. Her BFF had admitted that she’d named hers so that it would feel more “personal.”

Picking up the flesh-colored thing, she considered that it never really measured up to the real thing, so she’d named it Morgan-Point- Five. She snickered to herself as she set it next to her on the bed.

“Baby,” Morgan called, his voice pulling her out of her thoughts. “You still there?”

Her fiancé had been gone for three weeks for work and she was practically crawling out of her skin with need for him. Their “little dates” were code for the hottest, steamiest phone sex she could have ever imagined. Maybe it was the fact that she was horny? Nah, it was more likely the fact that Morgan knew how to put it down, in and out of the bedroom. Who knew she’d be so turned on by all those dirty words he spoke so fluently?

“I missed you, babe,” she whispered.

“You did, huh?” He chuckled. The low hum of his laughter shot through her body.

Anticipation warmed her insides and the familiar ache settled into her stomach. “I can’t wait to hear what you have for me tonight,” she purred, dragging her fingers over her stomach and down to the waistband of her pajama bottoms.

“I think you’re going to like what I have for you,” he murmured.

“I know I am,” she agreed. “Don’t tease me, baby. I’m ready.”

“Have you started decorating yet?”

Sydney sighed. Usually around this time, she would be excited about the possibility of Christmas. It was her favorite time of the year after all. But she hadn’t even pulled the decorations out of the basement. There were no manger scenes, no garland, no lights. It hadn’t felt right without Morgan.

“No,” she answered. “I’m just not feeling it right now.”

“That’s different, not like you at all.”

“It’s Brynn’s first Christmas.” She picked at a fingernail. “I can wait until you get here, so we can do it together.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine, Morgan. Let’s talk about us.”

“How’s my baby?” he asked.

Groaning, she imagined the smirk on his face. He was playing with her, and she loved it.

Still, even though she knew he was referring to their little girl, she couldn’t resist blurting out, “Your baby is horny.”

Sydney had never been so forward in the past. She’d always been shy in the bedroom, but Morgan had quickly squelched her tendency to censor herself. In fact, he demanded that she take what she want from him, because he “damn sure wanted to give her whatever she needed.”

“I think she has about fifty years before I’ll even think of her feeling that way about a man,” he mumbled. “Well, probably never.”

Syd laughed, stretched, and burrowed back into her pillow. “She’s finally asleep,” she told him. “But she snatched a bit of my sanity every single time she screamed. Nothing seemed to work.” It took a few hours, lots of patience, a dose of Tylenol, and the miracle Orajel, but Brynn had finally given in and Sydney had promptly fallen out herself. “She misses you, too.”

Sydney thought of the earlier phone call she’d had with Morgan. Dada had spent five minutes talking to Brynn as if she could talk back. Fatherhood definitely agreed with him, and Brynn was smitten with her father. So was Brynn’s mother.

“But you already talked to her earlier in the day,” Syd said, trying to steer the conversation back to the matter at her hand. She slipped her fingers beneath the band of her underwear. “As much as I love Brynn and love being her mother, don’t try to change the subject.

I want to hear all about what you have for me.”

“You’ll have to wait,” he teased.

“Why?” she whined, slapping her free hand on the mattress and kicking her legs in a pseudo tantrum. “Oooh, you get on my nerves. Stop playing with my emotions.”

Morgan barked out a laugh. “Wow, babe. Okay, let me tell you a story.”

Sydney perked up. The last story Morgan had told her resulted in a toe-curling orgasm, with Morgan-Point- Five coming through with the assist. She couldn’t wait to hear it. “I’m ready,” she murmured, gripping the phone tightly.

“There once was a woman who had no patience.”

“Morgan!” His laughter was louder now, and her mood turned sour. Frowning, she shouted, “I’m hanging up!”

“Okay, okay,” he said. She could tell he was trying hard not to laugh. “You ready?”

“Yes,” she growled.

“You’re so spoiled,” he told her. “Okay…here’s the story. You. Me. Ten minutes. Be ready. Or should I say, be naked.”

“You better—” On the verge of demanding he come correct with the story, his words finally registered. “You…Wait, what? Morgan, what are you telling me?”

“I’m trying to tell you that I’ll be there in ten minutes and you should probably be ready to get fucked.”
Release: 12/6/16
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Excerpted from All He Wants for Christmas: A Novella (Edge of Scandal) by:Elle Wright Copyright © 2016 by Elle Wright. Excerpted by permission of Forever Yours. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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