{Book Attraction} Strong in the Broken Places : A Memoir of Addiction and Redemption Through Wellness by:Quentin Vennie, Jon Sternfeld

Wellness expert Quentin Vennie shouldn’t be alive―he’s walked a path that many don’t live long enough to write about. Surrounded by dead ends and haunted by addiction, abandonment and violence, he’s battled anxiety and depression for most of his life. He’s been shot at twice, sold drugs up and down the East Coast, lingered on the brink of incarceration, and stared down death more than once. But when another moment of crisis arose, the Baltimore native made a conscious choice to turn away from his self-destructive path and began a journey of natural healing that ultimately saved his life.

Vennie jumped headfirst into the world of health and healing, and when he opened his arms, it opened its arms in return. By adopting the practice of juicing using a juicer he bought at a local convenience store, plus incorporating yoga and meditation into his lifestyle, he discovered what he now calls the “wellness trinity” that repaired his body, allowed him to cut back on and then quit the many medications he was on for anxiety and mood disorders, overcome his addiction, and transform his soul.

Throughout his memoir Strong in the Broken Places, Vennie shares the meditations, juice recipes, and yoga poses that helped him heal. This is a riveting story about taking the harder path to health, wellness, and healing regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way. Vennie is living proof that during our weakest moments, we have the power to unlock unimaginable strength.
Release: 5/31/17
Click to purchase: (Kindle) or (Hardcover)

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