{Excerpt} Giving My All to You (The Grays of Los Angeles) by:Sheryl Lister

Before she could set the phone down, it rang again. Her smile faded. Brandon. She debated whether to answer or let it go to voicemail like she had done last night. It rang twice more. She heaved a deep sigh and answered.

“I know I’m the last person you want to talk to right now,” Brandon said before she could utter a greeting. “But please don’t hang up, Faith.”

“What can I do for you Brandon?” She tried to remain unmoved by his sincere plea.

“I want to apologize for all the things I said last night. I had no right to take my frustrations out on you. I—”

“No, you did not,” she said bluntly, cutting him off. She had done nothing to deserve his tirade and she wasn’t giving him a pass.

He sighed heavily. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you?”

“Why should I?”

“Faith,” he started again.

“Look, Brandon. I know you’re used to women falling all over you, letting you get away with saying whatever you please, then accepting a half-assed apology. Well, I’m not one of them.”

“No, you’re not,” Brandon said quietly. “And if you’d let me get a word in, I’d like to try to make things right.”

“Go ahead,” she mumbled, slouching down in the chair and folding her arms.

“Thank you. I am truly sorry for my harsh words. Believe me, baby, they were never meant for you. Sometimes—well, all the time if you ask my family,” he added with a wry chuckle, “I tend to speak without thinking. I’m really trying to work on it. Faith, you are unlike any woman I have ever met and I don’t want to mess up what’s happening between us.”

Faith sat up straight. What did he mean by that? There wasn’t anything happening between them, was there? Granted, her feelings for him had been growing from the moment she woke up in the hospital and saw him sitting in the chair, but did he have feelings for her, as well?

“Please forgive me.”

How in the world was she supposed resist when he was playing dirty with that sexy voice and earnest confession? “Okay.”

“I can’t promise I won’t shove my foot in my mouth again, but I will try.” Silence rose between them. “So, does this mean we’re still on for tomorrow evening?”

She had forgotten about their date. “Yes, And that surprise better be good. Better than good.”
Release: 4/18/17
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Excerpted from Giving My All to You by Sheryl Lister Copyright © 2017 by Sheryl Lister. Excerpted by permission of Kimani Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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