{Between the Lines} Kimberla Lawson Roby Set To End ‘The Curtis Black Series’ 

This past July at NBCC Kimberla Lawson Roby announced to all of the attendees that the popular Curtis Black series would finally come to an end. She announced the last Curtis Black novel would be called Better Late than Never. Roby has said in the past that she would continue to write the series as long as the readers continued to buy. While the series is still popular, some have given up on the Black family. So next Summer will be the last time we will hear from the Black family in a full fledge novel.

Photo Courtesy of Grand Central Publishing


The past never stays where it belongs…

Curtis Black is no stranger to scandal. Throughout the decades, he has done much in the public eye, both good and evil. But what most people don’t realize is that Curtis has been hiding a horrific childhood that has affected him in countless, unspeakable ways.

His buried past returns in an unwelcome visit when his estranged sister becomes alarmingly ill and his youngest child, twelve-year-old Curtina, becomes the kind of problem daughter that he never imagined she could be. This is only the beginning. The horror of Curtis’s childhood secrets, as well as Curtina’s wild and rebellious behavior, takes a critical toll on Curtis and the entire Black family. All the public scandals they’ve experienced over the years now seem like child’s play compared to the turmoil they are facing in private. Who could have known that the deepest wounds would come from within?
Release: 6/12/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle) or (Hardcover)

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