{New Releases} Jan. 8-14, 2018

Urban Rage: The Revolt of the Excluded by:Mustafa Dikec
A timely and incisive examination of contemporary urban unrest that explains why riots will continue until citizens are equally treated and politically included.

In the past few decades, urban riots have erupted in democracies across the world. While high profile politicians often react by condemning protestors’ actions and passing crackdown measures, urban studies professor Mustafa Dikeç shows how these revolts are in fact rooted in exclusions and genuine grievances which our democracies are failing to address. In this eye-opening study, he argues that global revolts may be sparked by a particular police or government action but nonetheless are expressions of much longer and deep seated rage accumulated through hardship and injustices that have become routine.

Increasingly recognized as an expert on urban unrest, Dikeç examines urban revolts in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Greece, and Turkey and, in a sweeping and engaging account, makes it clear that change is only possible if we address the failures of democratic systems and rethink the established practices of policing and political decision-making.
Release: 1/9/18
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No Justice by:Robbie Tolan
On December 31st, 2008, In a span of 24 hours, three young African Americans men were shot by police…but only one lived to tell about it.

NO JUSTICE tells the story of a young black man, Robbie Tolan, who was gunned down on his parents’ front lawn simply because a white officer failed to follow procedure. And it almost cost him his life.

ROBBIE TOLAN, son of 14-year Major League Veteran Bobby Tolan, was a baseball standout at Bellaire High School in Houston, TX. Signing with the Washington Nationals, with dreams of following in his father’s footsteps, Robbie’s life was destroyed because white Bellaire police officers falsely suspected him of driving a stolen car. Innocent, and instead of being given a chance to defend himself, Robbie was shot inches from his heart in front of his pleading mother and father.

Despite the unlikely chances of survival, and grim expectations by doctors, Robbie beat all the odds. He survived the shooting, but his dreams of a major league career did not. The bullet remains in his back as a reminder of the racial profiling that nearly cost him his life. That night transformed a tragedy into a call of justice; not only for Robbie but for the other black men and women being targeted by white police officers who have not had the same outcome. They have been killed over simple excuses, whether jaywalking by Michael Brown, or making an illegal lane change with Sandra Bland. Robbie Tolan’s story emphasizes that that it doesn’t end with the police encounter. Robbie’s hope with this book is to help keep the dialogue alive to find a way to stop police from reaching for their guns when they’re not 100 percent certain of the criminal, the crime, or the threat.

NO JUSTICE is a poignant, gripping book that sits squarely in the crosshairs of race, police violence, racial profiling, and the ongoing discussion about why African Americans are disproportionately affected by violent police interactions. Finally, a black victim of police violence has lived to speak for those who were killed. And Robbie has something important to say.

His case was a precedent setting. It was the first Supreme Court ruling on a race since Brown vs. Board of Education, and thousands of cases have now been heard because of this ruling. The bullet that did not kill him will create justice for others.
Release: 1/9/18
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Love & Hollowtips 2 by:Jenica Johnson
Hollow was so busy chasing Love that he didn’t realize his enemy was chasing him.

Love and Hollow are everyone’s favorite couple. With Love pregnancy on the line, she doesn’t know if her love for Hollow will last. She can’t trust Hollow because he’s being untruthful about the incidents that happened. Love tries her best to move on but something keeps pulling her back. When an opportunity arises, Love takes the bait leaving Hollow in the dark.

Hollow is out in the streets trying to getting back everything was taken from him. It’s hard for him to keep loving Love when she’s pushing him away. He gives her a taste of her own medicine to get her to understand that he’s the only one for her, until she does the unthinkable. Hollow loses it when he finds out the woman he loves it not the woman she’s been portraying to be.

Somebody has to die when the lines are crossed. Who will it be? Love holds them together but a hollowtip separates them.
Release: 1/12/18
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Promised Land by:Brenda Hampton and‎ Nikki Michelle
One question. What would you do, if you woke up one day and life as you’ve known it changed forever? For Aubrey Evans and Melody Daniels, along with their families, that day has now arrived. Their lives will never be the same, and after believing that silence is golden as it pertains to the biggest sins of America, they will be forced to confront White Supremacy head on and fight for what they once relished as FREEDOM.

Succumbing to hatred and bigotry is not an option for Malcolm Garvey. He’s an activist who has intensely studied the Promised Land; a land that was created by The Masters who are determined to take their country back. By any means necessary they plan to do it, but will the strength of black men and women, along with their efforts to unite, be enough to put an end to the gut-wrenching madness they all endure in the name of hate? No one could’ve predicated it would come to this, not even in their wildest dreams. But when reality kicks in and the truths behind the Promised Land are revealed, the shock will be felt across America. Next question. Will it shock you?
Release: 1/9/18
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Yoga Rising by:Melanie C. Klein
This follow-up to the groundbreaking work Yoga and Body Image is a collection of personal essays meant to support your journey toward self-acceptance and, in time, self-love. Sharing their own stories of individual and collective turning points, the contributors explore how body image and yoga practice intersect with race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, dis/ability, class and socioeconomic status, age, size, and society.

These thirty pieces were collected and edited by participants in the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, an organization committed to body love through yoga that is accessible, body positive, and reflects the full range of human diversity. With a special emphasis on how you can take action to build community and challenge destructive attitudes, norms, and structures, Yoga Rising is a resource for the continuing work of healing and growing ourselves and our world as we move toward liberation for all.
Release: 1/8/18
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Facing Frederick by:Tonya Bolden
Frederick Douglass (1818–1895) is best known for the telling of his own emancipation. But there is much more to Douglass’s story than his time spent enslaved and his famous autobiography. Facing Frederick captures the whole complicated, and at times perplexing, person that he was. Statesman, suffragist, writer, and newspaperman, this book focuses on Douglass the man rather than the historical icon.
Release: 1/9/18
Ages: 10 to 14, Grades: 5 to 9
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Indie Releases

Kisha And Melo 2 by:Thea
In this second installment of Kisha and Melo, the entire crew is back with a new addition! Kisha and Melo’s marriage has been tested, but will Melo survive the aftermath of the shooting? Meanwhile, Kisha finally starts to open up her heart to Chauncey, but he is unsure of whether Kisha is completely over Melo and his betrayal. When a tragic situation happens, how does Chauncey respond? Will he continue to be Kisha’s Superman, or will he decide to move on and protect his own heart? Meanwhile, Chauncey still has the streets he needs to deal with. Will his situation with Kisha knock him off his square and let him get caught up or will he figure out the truth in the nick of time?

Andre is busy dealing with his personal demons that stem from his wife and son’s death. He struggles with nightmares and feels guilty for not protecting them. Will he get the help he needs, or will he let his demons overtake him? What happens when he meets someone who just might be able to take his mind off his past? Can she handle the baggage that Dre has? Or does she come with her own baggage for him to carry as well?

Biz is busy plotting against Melo, Taz and Dre. Will his plotting finally pay off? Will Biz become the king of LA or will his plan backfire? Meanwhile, Stacey is stuck in a tough position with the important decisions she has to make. Stacey never thought that she would fall in love with Melo, but she also knows that she has secrets of her own. Will she make the right decision? Or will she choose Melo in the end?
Release: 1/9/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle)

Brown Sugar 3 by:Keisha Elle
Tranique continues to wreak havoc in the lives of everyone around her. She goes too far and spins a web that she can’t get out of. Unfortunately for her, all her bridges have been burned and she’s left to face the music alone.

Cedric is determined to end what never should have been. Pregnant or not, he wants out of his marriage to Tranique. Although she makes it hard, he refuses to back down and gives her a dose of her own medicine. Tranique is positive that she will come out on top. That is, until she sees the unexpected ally in Cedric’s corner. She realizes that Cedric is smarter than what he’s been given credit for.

Shugg is trying her best to stay calm, but with Tranique around, that’s easier said than done. She’s slowly getting Brown Sugar back up and running when tragedy strikes the person she cares about most. In her saddened state, it’s hard for her to appreciate the unexpected blessing she has been given.

Things are moving in a positive direction for Davina. The backlash from the public embarrassment has passed and she ready to move forward with her life. She hopes that Genesis will be a part of that too; if he can get himself together.

Genesis is ready to put his court nightmare behind him. He’s prepared to give it all he’s got, but later finds out that things have already been handled. It’s not the outcome he wants or expects, and is thankful to have Davina by his side. She proves to be much more than a solid support system. She’s someone he doesn’t want to ever lose. If he has his way, that will never happen.

Find out what’s happening in the lives of Tranique, Jett, Cedric, Shugg, Davina, and Genesis in the final installment of Brown Sugar!
Release: 1/10/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle)

It’s Me You Love by:ShyKeirra McQueen
A RE-RELEASE! What do you do when you’ve fallen for a man who belongs to someone else? Nydia Johnson is the scandalous Philadelphia vixen who’s only concern in life is the almighty dollar. With a troubled past leaving her scarred and cold inside, she swears off becoming anyone’s housewife; that is until she meets Malik. The king of VA has her in total lust and she’s determined to make him love her, whether he wants to or not.

The King of Virginia, aka Malik Grey, is not your average hustler. A life changing past with his wifey, London, removed him from the streets as a mere child of a crack head and returned him as king. With the streets on lock, Malik has surpassed all those before him. In an instant, things spiral out of control when an enemy declares war.

To most, London has it all; money, cars, jewels, and most importantly, the most wanted man in Virginia. She’s the ultimate down ass bitch every guy wants and every chick hates. All London has ever wanted was to marry her man and start a family, yet things never seem to go as planned. When secrets are exposed, lies are told, and skeletons begin to fall out the closet, will this ride or die chick still hold her man down or will she run like the lost little girl she is?
Release: 1/11/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle)

Loyalty & Respect: Meant To Be by:Drea Delgado
Nico and Tania are back for another round in their on again, off again love affair that has spanned over thirty years. Through many ups and downs, Tania and Nico have been through it all. Domestic violence, affairs, jail, drug abuse, death…you name it. But they always find their way back to each other.

After their last separation, Tania made Nico step his game up and treat her like the queen that she is and Nico steps up in a major way. Tania receives a mysterious phone call that changes her life in a way that she could never image. Question is, does it change her life in a good way or a negative way?
Release: 1/11/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle) or (Paperback)

Destiny by:Andre “Dre” Cooper
Destiny has a successful career modeling around the world but out of a sense of loyalty to her imprisoned lover, finds herself involved in an international affair with a Panamanian drug lord who supplies a few countries.

The African-Americans who controls most of the United States are running a major drug ring. They’re trying to push all of the foreign-figures out of America’s most lucrative drug trade. They do this by banding together and dealing with one exclusive supplier Bonita Matta.

The Matta family is in a crisis during this particular time period which is unknown to the Americans who are dealing with the family. The CIA is muscling in on their business and is starting to cause some disruptions with the family, operating aboard.

Bonita pushes back fiercely against the CIA, as she tries to maintain the Matta’s vast empire but is it enough? With Destiny sitting at the head of the table, and Bonita fighting for control who will prevail in this international affair.
Release: 1/11/18
Click to purchase: (Kindle) or (Paperback)

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