2019 Thanksgiving Reads

We would like to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Today and everyday is a day to be grateful for life, love, and family. We have taken the time to compile a list of Novella’s and Novels to read on this joyous day. Comment Below and let us know what you are grateful for:

The The Thanksgiving Game by:Phyllis Bourne
Toi and Lennox (The Hook-Up Before Christmas) are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Day in the bedroom – until family demanding a holiday feast derails their plan. So, the couple concocts a secret game to survive the onslaught and enjoy some naughty holiday fun.
Release: 11/20/19
Get the Book: (Kindle)

Give Me Love: A Thanksgiving Novella by: B. Love
Gratitude Montgomery, Attorney, and Cherish Williams, Gift basket boutique owner, meet for the first time by crashing into each other – literally. This unexpected meeting changes the events of their lives for the next few days, forcing them to spend that time together. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Gratitude hates the holiday and all it stands for. The last thing he wants to deal with is a positive, cheery woman whose disposition only irritates him more. During the course of their time together, Cherish sets out to make Gratitude the meaning of his name.

Will she succeed and change his perception of Thanksgiving, love, and life itself, or will he taint her heart and spirit and drain her of the good within her until they both have nothing left?
Release: 11/20/19
Get the Book: (Kindle)

A McClendon Thanksgiving (McClendon Holiday Book 1) by: Sean D. Young
Fashion designer Faith McClendon is back in Chicago to start over. She put her promising career on hold for too long, and she’s ready to get back in the game. She’s not willing to put her heart on the line again—it’s still far too bruised from her failed marriage for that, so when a renewed childhood friendship starts to make her think about second chances at love, she’s more than a little hesitant.

Photographer Michael Montgomery was Faith’s biggest cheerleader when she decided to move to New York City, and he’s been her shoulder to cry on since she came home to Chicago. He’s never been able to tell her how he feels, but maybe now is his chance to make the family portrait in his head—the one with Faith by his side—a reality. First, he’s going to have to break down the walls Faith has around her heart and convince her they can be so much more than friends.
Release: 9/11/17
Get the Book: (Kindle) or (Paperback)

A Thanksgiving Dilemma (Holiday Hunks Book 3) by:Rose Francis
For Karen Miller, housesitting for her sister turns into a whole lot more when she discovers a newborn baby on her doorstep one night! Her nosy but handsome next-door neighbor stops by to probe about recent neighborhood activity, and the two eventually realize the child was probably meant to be left at his place instead.

Now that he’s suddenly a father, Brian Langdon asks Karen for guidance, and the unlikely pair discovers more between them than the tie currently binding them.
But will it be enough when a different sort of trouble shows up at their doorsteps?
Release: 11/20/17
Get the Book: (Kindle)

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