{Excerpt} Could It Be I’m Falling In Love by: Candy Jackson

Signed, Sealed, Delivered .. I'm Yours by-Naleighna Kai, Tanishia Pearson-Jones, L. A. Lewis and Joyce A Brown“Could It Be I’m Falling In Love by: Candy Jackson” from the Romance Anthology: Signed, Sealed, Delivered . . . I’m Yours by the talented authors of M-LAS.

Her breath caught at the sight of him, and she whispered—more to herself than to him, “Oh, my goodness, this man is going to be the death of me.”

The detective stepped out of the vehicle wearing a simple pair of khakis and a white polo shirt, but his arms were everything. The muscles were bulging from underneath—not too big, but large enough to hold a woman tight.

“Are you following me?” she snapped, realizing that his presence in front of her home was not a coincidence. “How did you know where I live? And what do you want?”

Detective Crenshaw leaned against his car and grinned.

“I was just in the area.”

She leveled him with a hard gaze, inched toward the door and he confessed. “Well, I wanted to be in the area, so …”

Okay, let’s take stock for a moment. He’s handsome. He’s interested. I’m curious. I’m tempted. He’s smooth. He’s intelligent. I’m a reasonably fair judge of character. I’m bored out of my mind with nothing to do. He’s persistent. He’s thorough. I’m available. He’s single.

“I didn’t mean to catch you off guard like that,” he said in a smooth voice that somehow brought to her mind nights curled up by the fire.

I can’t let what that crazed man did rule me for the rest of my life. “Good morning, Detective Crenshaw,” she smiled, her tone softer.

His wicked smile caused Erin to laser focus on the cute little mole on his upper lip. He took a few steps towards her and said, “I was wondering if you were available for breakfast this morning.”

His subtle, seductive voice was doing things to her body. The tingle was stronger than it was during their first encounter. Then, it had only affected her hand where they touched. This time … whew! It started at the tips of her toes and ended in the most feminine part of her.

What’s the worst that could happen? I have a boring breakfast and come home to my books. Best case scenario? I have a decent conversation with a grown man who also happens to have a great body and gorgeous face and just maybe I start to get sweaty every morning for a different reason because Detective Crenshaw and I are …

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