{Book Attraction} My Heart’s Desire by: K.T. Richey

My Heart's Desire by-K.T. RicheyThe inspiring tale of a mother who must face her fears in order to truly fulfill her heart’s desires.

Kristen Haywood has always been an overachiever: high school valedictorian, summa cum

laude college graduate, and then a high profile job in the fashion industry. But Kristen feels like a failure. She has three children by two different fathers, and the fashion house where he works is closing, so she’s out of work. Her only hope is found in the church.

After becoming a born-again Christian, she is determined to live her life as a woman of God. When her boyfriend, Major Dwight Marcus Williams, is injured while fighting in Afghanistan, the only place he has to go is back to Kristen’s home. Kristen struggles with living as a good Christian woman or submitting to her relationship with Dwight.

Dwight tries to deal with Kristen’s commitment to God, but he doesn’t understand why their relationship should change. He has always taken care of her and the children, even Chloe, who is not his daughter.

When Chloe’s father walks back into their lives after fourteen years and demands his place in his daughter’s life, Kristen and Dwight must step back and reevaluate their relationship.

Release: 4/28/15

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